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About Charles & Galileo Photography

From the very beginning we’ll start a journey together, developing a relationship that come the day of the wedding really is like having a friend take your wedding photos.

Our journey continues after your wedding day where you’ll be invited to help design your beautifully bespoke wedding album. Your day was not like anyone else’s – so why should you memories be?

Soon after, I will be proud to present your wedding album to you, reminding you of all those moments between moments, smiles on peoples faces and the emotion and atmosphere on the day.

Apart from each other the wedding album is one of the only gifts you’ll have forever. Galileo takes great pride in making sure you are left with a beautiful memento of your wedding day. It will be a pleasure to hear from you. Let’s begin our journey together.

Excellent venue knowledge - ensuring you get the best shots of your wedding day
attention to detail was incredible
conducted himself in a friendly, courteous & professional manner throughout
without Charles our wedding day wouldn't have been the same



With a passion for wedding photography and a true desire to delight, Charles is happiest taking photographs of moments to be treasured forever.



Head-honcho at Galileo Photography. Woody’s known to want a cuddle during album creation.