Galileo Photography | Your Wedding Album
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Your Wedding Album

Beautifully Bespoke

Your wedding album will be entirely bespoke, seeking to tell the story of your wedding day in exactly the way you wish it to.


After your wedding day, we will spend an evening together, so that we can design your album between us. Armed with your photos, and a decent bottle of wine, we can look at how to design each page, so the finished result will tell the story of your wedding day in exactly the way you want it to.


These meetings are always enjoyable, as we get the chance to relive the day again whilst designing your album together page by page.

Your Unique Story

You will only ever have one wedding album, and it’s important that it reflects your own personalities and style.


With a myriad of high quality materials and colours available, your wedding album will be entirely unique, and can be designed to reflect the colour scheme on your wedding day. From plate aluminium, to crystal glance and the finest Italian leather, it’s possible to create just the right look that will always be timeless, unique and the height of luxury.

Made With Love

Smaller albums are also available that make beautiful gifts for parents, family members and friends so that they too can treasure and reflect on precious moments from your special day.


Using the very finest materials, attention to detail and state of the art printing technology, your album will be hand made in Italy by one of the very best wedding album manufacturers in the world. Their Head Quarters is a beautiful castello situated high up in the Alps, and with a long history of producing luxury albums, they have positioned themselves at the very pinnacle of high end excellence, and produce albums for luxury marques, such as Bugatti.